Tailwind Aircraft


Lou Owen's N6PJ is a W-8 which first flew in 1978. Originally it had a C-90 with a prop Lou carved and this set up worked well. Several years ago he decided to try to make things better and put an O-200 in and installed a Great American Propeller which he repitched for more RPM. This set up does well but doesn't have the low end torque the C-90 had. Doesn't take off as quickly. The plane now has about 1300 hrs. on it and he's had no problems. It weighs 799.5 lbs. In the spring of '98 he put on new fabric and installed a new transceiver. It has Mode C and GPS. At 7500 ' [MSL (about 23" MP full throttle) and 2800 RPM it trues out 150 MPH if the air is smooth. This is the way to cruise these machines. Down low at full throttle it indicates 165-170.

CLICK THE PIC: Dad's Tailwind N6PJ at 1995 Dayton, Ohio Airshow E.A.A. Wright Brothers Homebuilt Award Winner

CLICK THE PIC: Dave Morrow's Tailwind

CLICK THE DryBrush Painting: Rick's Maiden Voyage of his N393RC Tailwind!